Monday, November 12, 2018

Another weekend come and gone

Only three more weeks to the big day, it'll be here before you know it. We've nearly ticked off the things we wanted to achieve before the day. 
At the moment Joe has only one day a week off and that's Sunday, he managed to get most of the windows cleaned inside and out, we have a lot of windows and it's a job he hates.
Before we started anything yesterday, it was really hard to get started, Joe made us some breakfast. While the smell of bacon wafted through the air and me in me nightie, I went outside and took some photos of the garden. It was raining and with a covered deck above me I was nice and sheltered. 
The plants in the garden looked rather pretty
Dublin Bay

 Mary Rose
 Sharifa Asma
 Pat Austin
 Alstromerias are bursting into bloom
 This Japanese maple was planted in remembrance to one of my best mates mum.I really like the variegated leaves
 Tulip tree The foliage is stunning
 Lavender going mad
 Hostas & ferns in the tiered garden by the front door

 Max and Clyde's silk tree had leaves opening
 Small succulents
 Drum roll please....Ta dah moment
 The chairs are finished, oh was I losing the will to live?!
Each chair needed twelves eyelets, there are eight chairs.
That's 96 little holes to cut out for the eyelets!!
Then I had to hammer all the eyelets !
I did two chairs this morning, took a sabbatical for a few hours(I'll come back to that) and then persevered with it, next time, if there's ever a next time, I'm bloody well paying the $80+GST!
Anyway they look great and because of all the effort that went into them, they're going to stay under the deck and out of the elements, they'll last longer that way I hope.
I got four finished yesterday, Michael helped Joe with some heavy lifting 
and the table was put in place.

 The last four chairs
That sabbatical ­čśťincluded having lunch and watching two episodes of ER,
then starting on some little projects, remember this photo?
I took the first three items, the wee shelf, the tray and the white stool
They all got sanded and had a coat of primer/undercoat
I then chose three colours, two from the baskets of tester pots and the chalk paint
 Hard to see but there are three different colours I promise you
The underside of the shelf
 The tray
 The stool
 I'll do the second coats tomorrow then decide how to tittivate

Right that's me for the day, Joe will be home soon and I'm ready for dinner

see ya