Thursday, November 03, 2016

If anyone finds October, please let me know where it went!

So yet another month has passed us by and I'm wondering where the heck it went. I think the only thing to do is try and sum the month up by referring to any photos I took. So here goes...

A rare as hens teeth event happened, there was a Suesday at the end of the first week of October. Sue's sister lives in Whangamata, a popular beach resort and about an hour and a half away. It was her sisters birthday, so Sue armed with goodies and me riding shotgun, Suesday went on a road trip to the beach. The weather wasn't great but Sue didn't give a shit and I'm English, what's the beach without rain!

I came away from Sue's sisters with an armful of quilting magazines
 and this wee fella, now somewhere back in the recesses of my memory I remember someone having one of these, it was either my mum or an aunt, perhaps mum can fill me in. Anyway I said should anyone see one of these in an op shop, get it for me. No need, it came straight off the wall and was given to me. How lovely was that. He's going to live in my new butlers pantry when it's done :D

I'll put a few pics here of my guided tour of Whangamata, 
then link to my Facebook page if you want to see more.

Link to Facebook album here

On the way back we even managed to squeeze in a couple of op shops. In Waihi I found these

And last call was at St Johns op shop in Morrinsville. I didn't buy anything....not then, but I saw a rather nice old bedhead for $50. I walked away but it played on my mind all week and on the following Friday I went back and got it.
Noice innit? I see that becoming a bench seat for sitting on the deck, what do you think?
This pic below is my inspiration 
(courtesy of Pinterest)

Things are progressing well in the family room, I'll bring you all up to speed on that in another post, Yes! I will do another post, hopefully before March of next year! :D

The garden is looking great....
As you can see the deck still doesn't have a's on the cards.....soooooon!


More of the garden here
Young Ava the Aviator (so called because she flies everywhere!) continues to grow.
She's a lovely girl but I had forgotten just how lively puppies are!
Some of the latest photos of her and Max.

Link to more photos here

And that will do for today.
Apologies to those whose Blogs I still haven't got around to reading, it's pretty full on here at the moment and I'm just to darned tired to be on the computer much lately. I actually fell asleep at it the other day! Talk about sad.

See ya soon