Thursday, April 18, 2019

Apologies, again, for being such a slack Alice!!

Well haven't I been tardiest tardy person in the blogging department? I really can't seem to get my mojo back recently. I shall endeavor to put a rocket up me bum and get on with the damned job.
So, where did I leave of? Ah yes, the end of February, well two days after the last post was my birthday, we went out for the best Thai meal with Michael and Tash, we won't go into what age I am 😝
For my birthday Joe bought me a new wide angle lens for my camera

I went to Hamilton gardens to try it out

Now, exciting news, meet our new addition, we'd been thinking about getting another dog, then this wee fella appeared on the Waikato pound pupd FB page
His original owners had called him lucky, they surrendered him to the pound, one of the animal control officers had him at hers, he didn't respond to Ace, so she called him Ace, when we got him he became Turbo, because of the speed he moves

Some more pics
Taitua Arboretum

Raglan beach 10th March

Meeting Astrix

Sadly on the 12th of March a good friend passed away.
Jan was a friend, a neighbour and it was at her place we held our Thursday craft.
I'll miss her, craft won't really be the same again, although we have decided to keep going, it's what she would have wanted. She was a great source of knowledge and taught me to quilt.
We now meet at each others homes, this change prompted me to rethink my crafting space, some changes needed to be made, I needed a bigger room. 
I swapped my craft room with one of the spare bedrooms 
My old craft room is now a bedroom

The bedroom is now my craft space

Later on in March, (the second from last weekend) we were invited to our friends daughters wedding, they live in Oakura Bay,Northland. 
We made a long weekend of it

The bride, her father and two bridesmaids arrived on the back of a tractor.
Her parents used to  be Dairy farmers

I was very kindly given another camera by Sandra, the mother of the groom, so generous.
I still have to send the photo I took of the day to them, I need more USB sticks.

So quite a busy month and a range of emotions
I'll be back soon I promise! 
Kiwi on Holiday if I get slack again, email me and tell me to pull my socks up!

Better stop there now