Wednesday, March 07, 2018

New things and a return to blogging

I hope to be back blogging very soon, I have a new computer, the old one got very sick and I pretty much stopped using it. It's taken me best part of the day to get the new one up and running. I have no idea what I'm doing really, so I'm just winging it.
Lots to report on but I'm not going to recap on everything that's happened since my last post, that would be too much. So I'll just add posts as and when I can, I have a brand new kitchen to show you, still some things to finish off, Joe's been snowed under with work so he's hardly been here.
Some crafts projects, home produce, the garden and a visit to Christchurch this past weekend.
I've recently started using Instagram so if you want to see more regular updates and photos then look for me, I'm biggaboobies, of course I am 😜

A couple of images from our Christchurch visit

See you soon

xx Sue xx