Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I do like to be beside the seaside..................

This morning Joe asked me "Have you thought about what we're having for dinner tonight?"
"Erm, I haven't thought beyond this cup of tea" I'm not a morning person.
"Shall we go to Raglan for fish and chips? Then you won't have to cook"
"Sounds like a perfectly perfect idea to me". And so that is what we did. 
You know yesterday when I said that someone had switched summer on? We-ell, I washed the towels today and put them out on the line and for best part of the day it was fine, albeit a tad humid. Joe comes home and the clouds are rolling over, it does the same when he mentions BBQ and gardening. Of course hanging out towels is the harbinger of doom. What do you expect from a pair of Brits? It's just not summer without a bit of rain is it, well a British summer isn't anyway and that generally happens on a Thursday! Good job we're in NZ then innit!
So off we toddled, in the car, with Max. It looked promising until we got to Raglan but it was raining in the harbour, stalwarts that we are we forged ahead and parked the car. Luckily apart from a few spots of rain it was fine where we were. Not so unlucky after all. Even so it was a bit dull and some dark clouds were looming overhead a bit ominously. I had of course taken my camera and I experimented with the settings and the light, or lack of it. It's all good practice even though I deleted over half of the ones I took, got to love the convenience of digital photography. 

We had our usual fish and chips on the wharf and headed home, as we were heading out of Raglan I cursed as it was going to be a spectacular sunset, there's a viewpoint on the way home but we didn't get there in time and the sun had already gone, which was a shame but never mind there will be other days. 
I'm off to have a cool shower and go to bed, it's so sticky. 

See ya next time