Friday, May 13, 2016

Sueper dooper Suesday

Today was a Suesday, they are quite rare these days and I think it's high time something was done about it. They most certainly need to be more regular, that's for sure. Since arriving home, I've checked all the news pages and it seems that no disasters have occurred, so it looks like Friday the 13th has been uneventful on that score. You can all relax now, as you were.

I found some wool at 50c & $1 a ball for the crocheted throw I'm making

And of course I got books

This can be ticked of the BBC list of 100 books to read
 As can The Clan of the cave bear, all of these books were $1 each ,so as they were altogether, I got them all. I'm just not entirely sure how many are in the series.

At some point, possibly the 2nd op shop we were in, I lost my book list!
And that is why I now have this book twice!! 

I found this book last trip out I think, I loaned it to Sue, I now have it back. She's swapped if for another by Sue Monk Kidd, The Invention of Wings; a book recommended to me by a friend.

I rather like Peter Mayle, I did see another by him but I couldn't remember if I had it or not, turns out I haven't, ah well it may still be there next time.

I love this style of jewellery,  nice set.

Sue shouted me lunch today, there was rather a lot of food, had we realised, we would have just ordered one plate and shared. It was all rather delicious. 
Crap photo! Sorry, phone camera.

We managed two or three more shops after that feast, by the time we got to our last port of call I was eyeing up the beds and thinking it might be time for a snooze!
We headed back to Sue's where I got a cuppa and a cuddle with some kittens.
Then we got serious....

Okay, so perhaps we were serious for about a minute......or not!

Cheers ya'all, have a great weekend