Monday, August 25, 2014

You'll always find me in the kitchen at parties......

....generally with a large glass of wine in my hand! I'm thinking that the last two days have had a 50/50 success rate. The lemon curd seems fine, although I haven't tried it yet, it's in the fridge. The lemon meringue pie's filling didn't set so I made another....same problem, and I followed the recipe exactly. So I won't be trying that recipe again, the pastry was fine as was the meringue topping, it was just the lemon filling that was a total fail. 
Ah well, we live and learn. At least todays looked pretty good until I cut it.......
 It does look okay here, but seconds later the ooze began!
I will not be beaten however, it will get a third attempt. You know what they say... third time lucky.

Moving on to the marmalade, I basically followed this recipe but I didn't want to whizz everything up together before bottling.  I strained the fluid through a colander, chose some of the nicer skins and cut them into small strips, then I pushed as much juice etc as I could out from the rest. And if you're wondering why I did it like this it's because I didn't want pith and pips on my grapefruit. 
I don't like having to pic things out of my food!

I used a lot more fruit than that, lemons, satsumas and grapefruit. 
But the bones of it was the same, as in one cup of sugar to pulp.
Boiling for 45 minutes
 What was left after straining the juices
 Cutting of the pith of the back then cutting into small slices
 I just hope it sets!

If that fails then I may just have to retire from the kitchen forever! 
I'm off to read this months book from the Book Discussion Scheme
To kill a mockingbird by Harper Lee