Saturday, January 24, 2015

New gadgets, the return of my sewing mojo and the first Suesday of 2015!

I really don't know what has happened this past week, thank goodness I take photos. At least they remind me of what I've been up to, I had intended to do a blog post in the week but then that week passed and now it's the weekend. Ah well doesn't matter, I don't know, don't care what day it is, I don't have to be anywhere. As long as I remember craft is back on on Thursdays and to turn up on Suesdays all is well in the world. What a simple life I lead eh? You won't ever hear me complain about that either, unless I forget I said that and complain about it. Walking into a room and forgetting what I went it there for happens all too often these days, so I walk back out again, remember, walk back in and forget. Couldn't have been that important could it?
So what was I saying? Ah yes, what happened this week? We-eell, I did some sewing, craft is back on after the Christmas break and I had a Suesday! Yay!! Too hot to be doing things outside, not unless you get out there early.

Some time ago I started a black and white quilt, I've been working on it and have got the main body of it finished, I'm happy with it. I would like to put a inch wide red border around, to pick out the red and then finish with a wider black border. I'll take this one to be quilted.

Another quilt started an age ago is an Eye spy quilt I wanted to make for my nephew Mason, I made one for his brother Aston some time ago and now it's Masons turn
Aston's quilt, I can't find the photo of it finished.

I'm in the process of machine quilting Masons and I've used a colourful fleecy backing, so called 'Eye spy' because it's got a little bit of everything in it. I hope he likes it.

Earlier in the week we went out and bought a new vacuum cleaner, I know, I know such excitement, I kill cleaners quite regularly, I'd had a few over the years and to be honest some of them can only have been designed by a man who has never vacuumed in his life. Don't get me's the new vacuum...I like it, well I don't like it really because I hate vacuuming, but it works well, and nothing has fallen off....yet! Bloody cheap plastic shite...don't get me started!

Gadget number two bought this week, a George Foreman Mix & Go, Joe was after the Nutribullet or whateveritiscalled, but opted for this one, better motor or something he said...can't remember! ;-D He's used it and said it was good, it will at least keep him regular! I've yet to try it.

Gadget number three bought this week, an ice cream maker. I used it yesterday as friends and Michael & Tash came for a BBQ, and I'm not entirely sure what went wrong but it didn't set, so will have to try again.

Now for Suesday! Yesterday was the first Suesday of 2015, for the latter part of 2014 these days were few and far between, There was too much going on with Joe after his op on his knee, appointments and all that jazz. So now he's back to work things should get back to normal, pffrt, normal?  I don't do normal hahha.
We did our usual round of oppies and I found some goodies, they were just leaping out at me. Here they are.....

 Heaps of crafting stuff and all really cheap

Cool flower pot, necklace, one of the beads has cracked in half but will easily be fixed with superglue and a big book of iron on patterns.

...and more books because I clearly don't have enough. 

I have set myself a reading challenge on Goodreads, 52 books in 52 weeks, so far I'm on track. I always loved to read as a kid, but over the last few years I haven't done much reading at all, too many other things going on I suppose. Since joining the book sharing scheme last year, I have got my reading head back and I'm making the time to read again.

Here we are at Hamilton lake yesterday after Sueshi for lunch! We're back!!!!
Go and check out Sue's blog "You can call me Sue"

I will leave you with this, someone shared it on Facebook and it made me laugh. I will admit to ensuring that one always looks one's best when one is sewing.

See you soon xx