Saturday, October 10, 2009

And now the new office.........................

Joe has been hard at it all week and has now got the plasterboard on the walls in the office. The built in wardrobe proved to be a fiddly job but worth the effort. The pink sheet is still yet to be fixed to the wall. Behind there is all the electric cables that go to the circuit board and until the sparky has finished his job it can't be fixed. It's pink because it's fire retardent.
Joe is, as I type this, out getting a few more sheets, he has decided to put some on the ceiling there are too many holes to patch. It was a pretty shocking job too so best to just cover it all over.
We had a quote this week arrive from the plasterer,it was so high Joe has decided to do the plastering that needs doing himself. This means we will save some money and I might just get those curtains!

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