Friday, November 13, 2009

A craft project completed - Freeform Crocheted bag

I have edited this post to add a note about my inspiration in making this bag. Each year at the Craft & Quilters fair at Claudelands Hamilton, Prudence Mapstone runs workshops and talks on the art of Freeform crochet. My bag kit came from one of her workshops. The reason for the edit is because the lady herself has left a comment on my bag! I am just so amazed and pleased that she likes my bag! I'm giggling away like mad here! So thank you Prudence.

Back in September I made a post that included a craft project I was working on, my Freeform crocheted bag Well I can tell you that it is now finised!
Now to move onto the next unfinished project.

One side

The other side

All lined

Close ups


  1. Love the bag Sue....Well done

  2. Thanks, I'm really pleased with it. I'm thinking I might make up something simlar as cushion covers for when we've finished the renovations!

  3. it looks great; and yes, do make some cushion covers too :-)

  4. your bag looks great; and yes, do make some cushion covers, too :-)

  5. Oh my goodness! Now I'm starstruck! lol Prudence the bag was from you at the Hamilton Craft and Quilters fair! I never made the workshop but my friend picked up the bag for me as she was there. That is true praise indeed! Thank you and yes I think I will do the cushion covers! :-D


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