Monday, November 09, 2009

Joe and his Landrover project!

I don't know if your menfolk are like Joe, but he has plenty of good ideas and many good intentions, whether those ideas or intentions ever come to fruition or not is another matter, but the thoughts are there all the same.
I don't know if it's a predominantly a man-thing but why is that they have so many jobs on the go at once? Why not start one job, finish it, then start another? Is it really that difficult? And why is it that when you ask when job number 45 on the list is likely to be finished you get, 'Well I don't bloody know, I've got too much to do to worry about that, so stop nagging'
My reply to that is 'Well if you had finished jobs 1 to 44 before starting on job 45 then maybe you wouldn't have sooooo much to do!'
This kind of womens logic doesn't always go down too well for some reason and the conversation usually ends in a whole lot of 'words' being said. Words that I couldn't possibly repeat on here as they are far too rude for my tender ears! Yeah right!!!! ;-D
One of these aforementioned jobs, not sure where on the list it might be, is Joes Landrover, it's an old one and is blue with a white roof, beyond that my knowledge of it is limited. I do know however it's been sat in the garage in bits cluttering up the place for a long time now, it was in that condition at the old place, and we've been here over 2 years now. It wasn't bought like that of course, it was in good working order and Joe drove it back from Devonport in Auckland with me following behind.
I can't remember how it got to be in bits, my memory is a bit foggy on that. Joes mate Martin was with us for a while and he managed to get some of it back together and got it running again, then Martin went home and still the Landrover sat. Until last week that is, I'm not sure exactly what is was that prompted Joe to put it back together. It could have been the new moon, full moon, an 'R' in the month, who knows? All I know is that whatever prompts a man into action, you don't stop him when he's on a roll.
There has been much debate about this vehicle, should it stay or should it go? I was quite happy for it to go, I'm not that fussed about cars. When we sold my lovely new Freelander 2 so we could fund the renovations I admit to losing any interest in cars. All I need to know is the colour and does it have a CD player? Which you can turn up when the car starts making funny noises! Anyway it's staying, here it is!

Oh yes the rear door has since been reattached since I took the photos.


  1. It is a man-thing!! Definitely, a man-thing!!

  2. Aye I reckon it is! Of course lots of unfinished craft projects don't count!! :D

  3. Yep sounds like my husband. So does the landrover - except mine has a thing about subaru utes.

    And you don't need a CD player,you need an iPod ready stereo, much more fun... :-)

  4. Oh no, not an I-pod lol! I like the CDs! lol! I like the pictures! :-D


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