Friday, November 06, 2009

My Beautiful girls

It's a glorious day here today albeit a bit windy, definately a 2 or 3 peg wind! (I will explain what I mean by that in another post) There is a definate feel of summer on the way and I think the goats know it too, they are looking so well and full of beans. I sat on the paddock for what must have been and hour today just watching and cuddling them with the ever watchful Max at my feet.

Ember and mum Amber

Breas twins, Emily and Echo


Emeralds daughter Ella

Cheeky little minx Emily




Sapphire and daughter Eve


Ella with a view


  1. Your beautiful girls are lovely. Give them a cuddle for me.

  2. Oh okay then! I'll just have to go back outside and loll around in the grass! Sigh the things we have to do! :D

  3. Sami Jae3:19 pm

    Such adorable girls! Can i ask, the ear curling up, is that a trait of the particular breed of goat? I have 2 goats, not 100% sure of their breed but they look like yours and Billy's ears both curl. It's cute but an explanation for it would be good.
    BTW i came across your blog at D2E :)

  4. Some seem to have it more than others, they may have got it from their dad, he has lovely ears. A couple of the girls had folded up ears when they were born, they get folded in utero and you have to tear them to allow them to flatten out.

  5. A really nice blog. The billy goats are adorable. I would love to have some. Just so mild mannered. All the best.

  6. Hi Charles thanks for you comment, the girls are 'nannys' and the boys are billys ;-D And they are mild mannered... most of the time! I luv 'em!

  7. Oh Sue, they are just so lovely :)

  8. Thank you Chantel, goats certainly have a certain appeal! 10/10 for cuteness factor!


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