Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Tuesday 4th November '09 - A crafty day!

I enjoy crafts and have for years, I used to make dolls and dressing up outfits, I also used to knit too. Mainly I gave them as presents, personally I love to be given something that has been made by hand.
Before we came to NZ we were always so busy that my crafting took a back seat and got forgotten about but I am lucky enoughto have more time on my hands. Hand crafts etc is very popular here and I think that most of the people I have met do some kind of craft. I have heard many times the comment, that as children and young adults they had to have something in their hands, the old adage says “The Devil finds work for idle hands to do”
On Tuesday three girlfriends came over and we had a craft session, I wanted to start appliqueing my Santa wallhanging, Karen wanted to finish her felted bag, Pauline brought some cards making stuff and Kerry brought along some lovely paper.
Karen showed us how to make some simple but effective gift boxes, I'll put another post on as a tutorial for that. They look really good and with Christmas coming up would be perfect for those samll gifts, or as Pauline suggested for putting in Christmas table gifts when everyone is sat down for dinner.

Kerry and Karen had to leave early but Pauline and I carried on a made a few cards. I enjoy making them now all I need to do is to remember birthdays and to post them!

Paulines cards

My cards


  1. Sue, I really wish I lived closer !!! We would have so much fun together. You are one clever cookie.

  2. Thanks Nikki! We would have some fun. One day in the not to distant future perhaps I'll organise a road trip and bring a load of gals down equiped with crafty stuff and lashings of wine and we'll make a weekend of it!


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