Sunday, January 03, 2010

Sunday 3rd January - More decluttering & the bull arrives

Up until about midday day today this room was yet another dumping ground, there were boxes galore, all the new lights for when we have finished the rooms, and a cane 3 piece suite! Most of it has gone into the loft and the rest is as you can see in the photos! We were motivated into action as some friends from the UK are in NZ and arrive here on Tuesday and even though the barn is full of gorgeous smelling hay we cant really make them sleep there!

I took thsi photo of the much maligned agapanthus, I think it's a great plant and so lovely'

Meet the Fonz! He's here to be nice to our ladies, he will service Isobel, Cara & Diamond.


  1. You are really on a roll!!! Great work.

    Love the agapanthus, too. I have minis all along my driveway and I LOVE them!

    And as for the bull . . . I bet the girls are going hubba hubba :-)

  2. Yes I think thats what I'm going to fill my drive with too, there are some there already, they are the ones in the pics, I can plant them and forget about them.
    And yeah I am on a roll!! lol But ya wann see me loft! Sigh!

  3. The view from that window is lovely and would be a joy to wake up in there ...your visitors will love it.
    I like agapaanthas too
    Have a great week

  4. I'm a fan of agapanthus as well. I appreciate that regional councils think it will take over the world but the lot down our drive hasn't spread much at all in the five years I've known it (and certainly hasn't gone anywhere else) and it does look so good with so little maintenance.

  5. Aye mine haven't pread either, if they were such a problem then I wouldn't have to ask around for more! :D


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