Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday 19th January - trimming goats feet

Before I start I just want to say that it's hard sometimes to post everyday on here, I started with all good intentions of trying to write something daily but I may have set my goals too high, who do I need to talk to to get a few extra hours added to the day? Oh and whilst we're at it can we have a three day weekend too, I think that would be a marvellous idea. But anyway, someone clearly stole the weekend so I can't write about it! So if anyone sees it around let me know!! :-D
I'm pretty sure the weekend involved gardening, house stuff so the usual fun things! So I won't bore you with that, I shall bore you with something else instead!

Trimming goats feet(See I knew you'd be enthralled)
Goats hooves grow just like our nails do, well not like mine cos I bite them, shocking I know. If goats would only bite theirs life would be a lot simpler, but they don't so we have to trim them. When I say 'we' I actually mean 'Joe', he cuts them and I stand by and give encouraging words and helpful advice to which he shows no appreciation for what-so-ever! Ya just can't please some people can you?
I think I will just let the pictures explain themselves, this is obviously an overgrown hoof. Sometimes if we leave them too long they grow more, funny that!

Four does got done yesterday evening, we'd already done the young does the other day. We need to do the boys tonight.

Talking of the boys, one of them in particular sits around lazing around for most of the year, but now is the time we expect a bit of action, it's goat rumpy pumpy time. I have to say I do feel a bit of a pimp sometimes! I drag four does into an enclosed area where Dutch the buck eagerly awaits.
Mmm smell that?...Does....in the next paddock

The does are duly supplied and let's just say there is no wooing, no drink bought or offer of a candlelit dinner, he's just right in there, nose up the privvies without even a formal introduction. This makes the does pee, I would like to say he removes his head...but I can't! (Feeling sick yet?) He seems to like this so much he then does unspeakable things to his privvies and pees on himself. It's funny because at this point for some reason I am reminded of someone...but I digress......Now I would like to say that this all led to my lovely girls coming away with child, but as Dutch decided to take his afternoon nap at this point I can't. I shall be 'pimping' again later.
There is a much easier way of doing this of course, it involves watching for the signs of the does being in season and then introducing them to the buck. But as the girls don't seem to be sharing that with me I'm having to take pot luck. I am running out of time to meet the window for June kidding. So if we have no action soon I may just have to put it off and go for August kidding. In the meantime I'll keep wearing the bling bling, and my snazzy clothes and keep the engine running in the Pimpmobile!


  1. Kevin and I are new to "goating", so this is, shall we say, interesting info! I suppose we really need to do more research on proper care of our two little goaties! (Zippy and Baby Belle)

  2. Hi Debby, do the pics give you a clear view of how to trim the feet? And if you need any more info let me know and I'll try to help if I can.

  3. Very interesting ....... Daisys hooves are not that bad yet, just a little chipped, so I tried to give her a pedicure, but she's not exactly cooperative hmmm.As for pimping the does, is he paying enough? Lol.

  4. Well the pimping worked! One has had some lurving this evening! And I'm still working on my best Huggy Bear(Starsky & Hutch) swagger!
    I dunno of your's has horns but they are good for looping a leash around and tying them to a fence or gate. It restricts theire movement somewhat.

  5. I am terrified when I trim the feet in case I go too deep.

    Yeah, blimmin' men. Never preform when you want them to, lol.

  6. I know what you mean, Joe still manages to take it too low. But then the odd bucking goats doesn't help.

  7. Excellent, thank you; I'm relatively new to the goat world (our first kid landed on our doorstep a year ago), so I'm happy to have found your blog :)

  8. Hi Michelle! And thank you for visiting! :D They;re great aren't they, challenging at times but I lve them. Just let me know of you need to know anything! ;-D What kind of goat do you have?


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