Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday 12th February - In the veggie garden today

The veggie garden is providing us with some produce at the moment, we are still waiting for a few things yet, such as the tomatoes and recently sown salad veg

Lebanese cucumbers are ready for picking

Runner beans, we've already started eating these, this is going to be a high yielding vegetable so I'll need to start freezing some soon I expect
Close up

The tomato plants have gone mad but still no fruit as yet

Jungle tomatoes

Some green bean and peas

Yellow beans, lettuce and some very chewed brassicas

Beetroot, radish and spring onions

Beetroot and lettuce

Lettuce and one self seeded tomato plant

The strawberry plant has been sending out runners for while now, this weekend I shall put them in pots
Looking westwards

Looking eastwards


  1. I'd love to fly down and help you in the garden!! MMMMmmmmmm..... I'm getting cabin fever here in Kansas....cold, muddy, snowy...YUCK!

    Soon enough our worlds will be switched up...I'll be gardening, and you'll be cold. At least this way we can live vicariously through each other.

  2. Anonymous6:29 am

    Everything looks so good!!

  3. Your garden is looking good ..mine is sad looking at the moment.

  4. Debby a bed is made up and waiting for you ;) Thanks Mel & Debbie xx


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