Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Having a mammogram

On Tuesday I had a mammogram. In NZ once you hit the grand of age of 45 you get it done for free. I was a bit slow doing anything about this but last week I received an appointment in the post as the Breast Screening bus was in the local Supermarket car park. It's important to take care of your health, and having regular checks only takes up a short part of your time and to be honest you'd be silly not too.

So being the kind of gal I am I took it upon myself to prepare for the impending mammogram....

I decided however NOT to take advantage of this offer...

The actual procedure was fine, it was no more that 15 mins. The nurse was lovely and explained everything in a calm and reassuring manner. I never once felt awkward or embarrassed. They take four shots, two of each boob and I can honestly say that apart from the tiniest bit of discomfort on one of the side shots (to get scans of the lymph nodes) it was painless.
So if you haven't had a mammogram, then get one! It's that simple...make an appointment today!


  1. I had my first one recently and it was quick and pain free. Love the jokes!!

  2. Ya gotta laugh haven't you! :D Otherwise life would just get on yer tits! ;)


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