Sunday, March 07, 2010

A sad day, RIP Jo-Jo

Today our old ewe was euthanised, Joe noticed she was struggling to get up and when we went to check on her we realised that she had either had a heart attack or perhaps a stroke. Whatever it was it was affecting her abilty to get up and to move. She also was fitting quite badly. I can't bear the thought of an animals suffering, and as hard as any decision to euthanise an animal is, particularly a pet, it's the ultimate kindness you can show them. So a call was made to our neighbouring farmer and he quickly came and ended her suffering. I feel very sad of course but I know she had the best life she could have.

She was one of our first animals we got when we moved onto our first lifestyleblock. She was from the SPCA, it was the day I went in for a kitten and came out with a kitten, a sheep and a goat! They had a good deal that day! She did well considering she always had trouble breathing probably caused from a lungworn infection, but she got by. In fact she was tough as old boots really, last year when she was being sheared she stopped breathing! It was only after the shearer pumped her chest a few times that she started again. She surprised everyone when they asked did we still have that old sheep and we answered yes! She gave us two lambs during that time, the second wasn't meant to happen but the old tart got in with the ram!
Where ever she is now, she's not huffing or puffing,she's running free over green pastures. Rest easy Jo-jo.


  1. Anonymous2:20 pm

    I am so sorry to hear about Jo-Jo. She looks like a sweetheart. Sending you a big hug.

  2. Thnak you Mel, she was a character for sure and never considered herself a sheep at all xxx

  3. Terrible news about Jo-Jo, Sue. I'm sorry. Hugs to you and Joe.

    I'll continue to be scarce at D2E, got a lot on my plate. It will be better in two weeks.


  4. I appreciate the hug Barb. Hope things are okay with you xx

  5. RIP Jo-Jo, may the pastures you now graze be forever filled with clover and you lungs free to breathe the crystal clear air. (((hugs))) Sue

  6. A good life indeed for a rescued animal. Good on you Webbers

  7. maggie10:27 pm

    Hi Sue, I have been reading your blog for a wee while and always enjoy it. Good job!

    It's always hard to lose a special woolly friend....and it hurts too. I feel for you ~ but what a great life you gave her.

  8. Thank you all for your kind words xx

  9. She sure was lucky the day you walked into the SPCA. Sounds like she had a wonderful retirement home. Never easy with a pet!
    Have you read any of the Footrot Flats comics - he sure has got animals right & often think of Ball when I watch them.
    Love Leanne

  10. Thanks Leanne, no I've never read them, I really must do as so many people have said I should!


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