Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Playing catch up as usual - this week's news

I've been a bit slack with the blog, apologies for that. I suppose not too much has been happening but then when I start putting thoughts in my head in order to write about in the blog and I realise there has been lots going on but not a lot to show for it, except for a bit of extra cash.
Here in New Zealand we don't have Ebay but we do have Trade Me, it's an online auction site. I've been a bit preoccupied by this for the last two weeks as we've been having a major clear out. The funds we had set aside for the renovations has all but run out, it's amazing how quickly money disappears especially on the amount of stuff you need to carry out those renovations. We do have enough, possibly, for new carpets, when we get to that stage! I would also like new curtains, we have found the fabric we like and we know a price for them to be made up, it's not cheap. Hence the need to sell those things sitting around in barns, sheds and the loft. So far we have sold a rowing machine and two kayaks, I have possibly found a new home for Bert and Beryl the Kune kunes. Although I'll be sad to see them go, it's the right thing to do at this stage. I also have a Dexter heifer to sell and need to get a photo of her to put on Trade Me. So still some things waiting to be sold and if we're lucky might get new curtains at the end of it.

There's not a lot to report on the progress of the renovations, it's been too hot through the summer and so our attentions have turned to jobs outside. Having the HelpXers here for a few weeks certainly made some headway into them. We have a shed full of firewood, probably enough to last two winters if not three, I'll come back to that in a moment. Our clocks go back this weekend (I think) and so there won't be anymore lighter evenings for us to work outside, we'll still have weekends for that. That means that this weekend, it's Easter and Joe has a couple of extra days and so he will make a start again inside. First job for him is to carry on where he left off in the new office then move on into the hallway. The plan is to have them both to a stage where I can get selaing and then painting, I have to admit to being ever so slightly fed up with the length of time this is taking but moaning about it gets me nowhere. Whilst Joe is moving along with that, I will be painting outside. There is still the back wall of the house to do but I won't be able to do the high parts, that will need scaffolding. There are some repairs to do on the soffits before we can say the house painting is finished. I shall also be painting the outside of the workshop and garage. I'll report back on progress with photos.

So there's a quick update for you and I'll be back with the woodshed and some old photos of the trees that we've been cutting up.

Also to come:

In the kitchen I've made Pear ginger preserves, bottled some more cherry toms and frozen some veg.

And as promised more house tours, this time downstairs storage, then next week I'll take you upstairs to the mess!

Back soon.

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