Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday 16th March - Catching up and piglets

If someone would like to tell me what happened to the last week and if you've seen it anywhere please send it back. I have no idea where it went and I have to admit to trying to remember what happened!! It's a bit scary when that happens, I've been told it's my age but that can't be true because I'm just a young thing really you know! (Memory really has gone! No comments please!)
So to write this post I will have to refer to the photos taken this week and go from there, but I shouldn't worry too much, if I can't remember what happened then it can't be that important and I can only assume it was another week of the usual stuff that probably involved making some kind of chutney and cutting wood.................Oh and yes! Now I remember...Piglets!

Beryl had another little of piglets, I hadn't written down her due date and had to guesstimate when they would be born. I was about 2 weeks out. I had been out and checked her in the morning as she was acting strangely, I thought she looked like she was nesting and as it happens I was right and later that day we had 7 piglets.
Now I'm going to try and not be too involved with these ones, as cute as they are, because they are not pure Kune Kunes. We put Beryl with our eating pig as cross breeds do make for very nice pork. The thing is I look at their faces and weaken, I've already told Joe I'm not eating any of these, I'm happy to raise weaners but I don't think I can do that with these! They will be sold and whatever people choose to do with them is their choice.
Anyway here they are
I'll be back later with more riveting stuff..................


  1. AW! the spotty one! that's the cutest wee piggie ever! Well they all are!

  2. Oh little piglets are always so very, very cute! Just as cute if not cuter then little newborn kids (the goat kind)!

  3. I know it's really hard to choose between the two!

  4. I don't think I will be able to eat pork again.

  5. Aww but think of the crackling! ;)

  6. These are just so gorgeous, I so wish I had enough room to keep a couple of weaners.

  7. This is the last lot I shall be breeding :( I shall miss not having piglets around, but I need to cut down on some of the workload. They are very cute


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