Monday, April 26, 2010

Autumn colours and making cider continued

Autumn colours
Cider making continued
After adding the yeast it didn't take long to start looking like this...
and after a stir it fizzed quite nicely, and it smells like a blummin' brewery here!


  1. Beautiful colors! I love a fall morning when its chrisp & fresh all the colors just pop. wonderful photos

  2. You have such a beautiful property! Making cider looks like fun! It is so interesting how you are heading into winter and we are heading into summer.

    We use a juicer when we make juice, it collects the pulp so it doesn't end up in the drink.

  3. Anonymous4:11 am

    A brewery, you say. Is that a bad thing?

  4. Hi Katadids, that was actually taken as the sun was going down, that was looking eastwards however and the sun was setting in the other direction, it just made the autumn colours so much deeper.
    Hi Jo, thank you, I'm looking forward to create a garden on the bank with the trees, it's too much to mow, I'm at the dreaming in the head stage at the moment
    Mel, No it's not hahaah! ;D

  5. I love the autumn colours and the weather that goes with it :0)
    Looks like your cider is coming along good

  6. Yes I love Autumn, lovely time of the year. The cider smells good too! :D

  7. Your land looks stunning, I would love to have so much space, it's funny to realise you're going into autumn cider making time, and were're just getting used to spring!

  8. Hi :D The boundary to our place ends in front of the BIG trees you can see. We have 8 acres, ini the picture you can see some of the garden and a couple of our paddocks, the rest goes back from what you can see. But yes still a lot of space! :D Cider is smelling good.


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