Friday, April 16, 2010

Home improvements - House painting

Once upon a time, a long time ago in a land far away, a big queen and his wife....ohh now hang on a minute...that's not quite right........ a handsome Prince and his Queen ( I outrank him, cos I can and it's my blog! ☺) bought a new castle to live happily ever after in.
As happens in most fairy tales it starts off ok then it gets a bit scary in the middle then normally ends up ok at the end. That's what I'm hoping anyway, we've been living in that scary middle for a while now. Some wicked witch of the west must had cast an evil spell on the house because it certainly felt cursed. I can report however that things are looking up and moving along and I should have photos and reports for you next week, all things going well.
But for now I'm going back to the Easter weekend! Yes I know that was ages ago and it's nearly Christmas but it's been busy here trying to organise the peasants and the cook in the kitchen!
I already posted about the gorse clearing so you've been enthralled by that, aren't you lucky children? But wait there's more to tell, we managed to get some painting done, not inside but outside. For anyone that has been following this blog for a while will remember us starting painting the outside of the house, it was a while ago and if you've been around that long then "Wow" you need a long service medal at the very least.
I won't post all the photos, instead here's a link House exterior painting. And that's the stage it's been at since then.
June 2007
When we were looking to buy this place it was back in June of 2007, it was winter and dull and raining and nothing ever looks it best in those conditions. Joe and I must have very good imaginations because we could see the houses' potential, we lost sight for a while but we're past that now and keen to get on and finish. In the time we've been here we have made improvements to the roof...
and painted most of the outside:
Over Easter it was the garage and workshop that got a facelift:

and now...
Whilst writing this I was thinking that we are really living in a fairy tale, well there are some similarities at least. In Sleeping Beauty the Princess slept for a hundred years and during that time big thorny bushes grew all around...well our 'castle' is pretty much surrounded by thorny gorse...spooky eh? I'm off to sleep for a hundred years............then when I wake up my handsome Prince might have finished it all!

I can dream can't I??


  1. The house looks great, you have done a wonderful job.


  2. LOL Mel! I forgot to put that! The End! :D And thanks ♥

  3. Sue! That looks just wonderful! Thats a lot of work to be done bits at a time, Wow it looks so different! So fresh and New"

  4. Thank you! :-D I wish one job could be finished before another starts but then it wouldn't be such an adventure!

  5. You are living my dream. A lovely home on a bit of land (minus the gorse, of course LOL)

    Well done - you've all done a great job!

  6. It's been more of a 'nightmare' at times Denise :D Oh ya gotta have gorse, everyone else does!!


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