Monday, May 03, 2010

I lit a fire last night....................

It were a bit chilly like............


  1. I love a fire on a cold night and a chilly morning......but sadly we don't have one

  2. In the UK we had proper open fires and loved having one going over Christmas, luckily Santa never burned him bum! lol

  3. Anonymous1:48 pm

    It looks so warm and cozy. Wish we had one.

  4. It is warm and cosy, I've fed all the animals early today, I've got to go and do some shopping and when I get back I'm making dinner then gonna collapse on the sofa and snooze!

  5. I love a fire!
    I'm lucky as Dh always has heaps of wood so i can burn as as much as I like.
    we get insulation in our 100 year old villa today yippie

  6. I do too Leanne, although if truth be told it wasn't that cold, I could have just put an extra layer on and sat under my fleecy blanket at night! lol People a 100 years ago must have been made of tough stuff, I wonder if they had insulation? If we ever get in our rooms upstairs they should be warm with the insulation we put in. Not to far away that day I hope.


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