Saturday, May 22, 2010

Renovations - Progress

Joe has a new toy, he bought a mitre saw bench....for cutting stuff! Apologies if that's a bit technical! (He already had the saw)
We are almost ready to start painting the sealer coat on everything, but there are still a few jobs to do, these will create more dust (if that's possible to create more than there is already!) So until the dusty jobs are done I can't begin my part of it all.....painting!
Because Joe re-studded all the walls inside the existing walls, it meant that the walls were now deeper than the windows, so extra surrounds have been added. The dust and sawdust producing part of this is the planing and sanding needed to create a smooth surface for painting, this window is almost done, then the sliding doors are next. The ceilings need sugar soaping, the rooms need sweeping to remove the dust and then we can paint......

Th hallway is still a work in progress, most of the plastering is done but there was a problem area that had had some water damage in the past. This didn't skim over well at all and bubbled, so Joe cut it out today and replaced it with new plasterboard. When the plasterer comes back he can finish it off. He will also finish sanding, he has this pretty neat machine to do this rather messy job. Once sanded it's ready to seal and paint.

Dare I say it once there an end in sight??


  1. It seems never ending dosn't it? Little bits at a time and it will be done...until you find another project LOL! Its looking great. You must be getting pretty excited

  2. Once I get that brush in my hand I'll be away, getting sslightly impatient now as it's getting closer. Next weekend...maybe! Oh yeah and you're right, until the next project...sigh! :D

  3. Anonymous9:50 am

    Trust me, you will be so bored when all the work is done. Yeah, right.

  4. Hahaha Mel I dream of being bored!

  5. I HATE drywall dust! It's one of necessary evils of remodeling. We draped everything and still got all over the place.
    Your renovations are looking good!

  6. Hi Donna, luckily that dust has been kept to a minimum as the huge sander this guy has is like a vacuum too, pretty neat. But there is still dust, once we seal it should stop...we bought ceiling paint at the weekend so we must be close :D


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