Saturday, May 29, 2010

Renovations - Progress (Saturday 29th May)

The windows had the architraves put up today. Joe's such a handy chap! I'll just say what window and what room, the first will be the before photo and the second will be after. We'll be buying the skirting tomorrow.

TV room, ranch slider

TV room West facing window

Lounge French doors

Lounge bay window



  1. Wonerful! You'll love the bay window so much. OMG such Great views too! Hey, maybe we could come up with a working vacation, we come there for a few wks and help, you come here since were doing the same work. Tho you're way ahead with wall board etc LOL!
    Any excuse to go back!

  2. I will, I'm looking forward to lounging on there wit a good book! :D I like the holiday idea, but I think we've all earned a resting one! ;-D

  3. Looks great. Your views are amazing.

  4. They're not too bad are they~! :D


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