Monday, May 31, 2010

Renovations - A touch of bizarre

We have got to the point where nothing really surprises us anymore where this house and the renovations are concerned, but we were surprised yesterday.
In the TV room we had a hill! Well not quite a hill, more of a raised area at one end of the room. Joe was a bit reluctant to lift it to see why it raised up like it did. He wasn't sure he wanted to know, after all discovering 'interesting' things has been the norm during the course of the renovations and these have cost us time and money to put right.
Anyway Joe bit the bullet and pulled up the flooring, he was very relieved to find that it wasn't as bad as he initially thought. We do know some of the history of the house and where it came from and how it got here, but the original layout is not known to us. The section you see is slightly lower then the rest of the floor. Some 3 x 2 lengths of wood had been laid down and the flooring put on top, but the lengths of wood had been layed the wrong way up, if they had been layed the other way, on their side, the floor would have been level.
It's going to be easy to remedy the problem, the same lengths of wood can be re-used, just laid the right way this time and new flooring put back down. At least now when we put the new skirting on the walls we won't have it heading uphill!


  1. Anonymous11:16 am

    Doesn't it make you wonder just what the hell some people are thinking when they are working on a house
    This has happened to us more times than I can count.

  2. I know, this is the 3rd house we've done and we would never have dreamed of doing such a bodge job! :(


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