Thursday, May 20, 2010

See anything wrong with this??

Dog digging for rats...
'Cat' watching dog digging for rats..
Dog watching 'cat' watching dog digging for rats..
Where's that rat?
Leave me be, I'm resting....
Would someone remind me why I have cats???


  1. I love this, your animals are so cute...I have Rusty who hasn't got a care in the world, unless there is something smaller than her on her property, then her attitude is "It must die" rats, mice, lizards...I have even seen her squish an ant with her nose...she is mini jack russel,
    We also have Cindy who I got from a garage sale...she is a mini jack russel crossed mini foxie....
    she didn't know how to speak or play when we first got she does both quite well....yelling to me to come move the bookcase because there is a cockroach behind for play, she hogs all the toys off Rusty and guards them in a pile.
    we would be lost without them.

  2. At the moment we seem to have a plaque of crickets and they are everywhere, not sure who the culprit is who brings them in, but I have my suspicions! I do know, however, that it's not Max, 'cos he just eats them!!


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