Sunday, July 25, 2010

Back to the grindstone.........

Ah well I knew the rest from decorating was going to be shortlived, this weekend saw us pick up tools and carry on. The aim is as Joe put it, "To get this bloody decorating done, I'm sick of it!" And I think I'm inclined to agree.

Looking towards the front door, Joe had some trim to put up above the window
Looking in the opposite direction
This is the space outside the doors to the lounge and the office, it is above the stairwell to downstairs, Joe has put the trim up here.
The stairwell, Joe will rebuild the banister before someone falls down the hole and kills themself!
View from the top of the stairs looking toward the lounge and office
The office which I painted with a sealer, what a job that was to start with until I changed from a rather large roller to a smaller one and I was flying then!
Another view of the office from the window and the built in cupboard

I had a heap of sealer paint in the tray after doing the office so I got this much done in the hallway
..and this little bit too
The ceiling trim needs sanding down and then it can be primed, then it's paint, paint, paint...


  1. You have been busy!! Smaller rollers are definitely better than the large ones. Learned that the hard way, I did!!

  2. I was getting so peed off, my neck and shoulders were killing and it was taking so long to do! Then once I changed it took no time at all!


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