Thursday, July 01, 2010

A beautiful day...............

........hard to believe it's the 1st of July and now mid-winter, my morning in pictures. Lots of pics sorry..........


  1. Anonymous8:26 pm

    Hi Sue, we do if tuff in this hemisphere in winter don't we?
    Love the pics of your goat girls.
    Six thirty here in Bundy and still in shirtsleeves. BTW just love your blog.
    Cheers! Karen (near Bundaberg, Queensland)

  2. Hi Karen! Ahhh Bundaberg! Ya make great ginger beer and yer Lemon bitters are to die for! :D Good to meet you :D

  3. Anonymous10:25 am

    Nice pictures. Mid-winter you say. Where is the bloody snow?

  4. We don't get any!! Haha! Just frosts, and not many of those either :D


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