Friday, July 02, 2010

We're in!

Whaddya think?

TV Room
Tomorrow, windows to wash and curtain rods and curtains up!

Here's a reminder of how it used to look click here


  1. Those changes have been amazing Sue. Well done. You must be a little on the proud side about right now. :)

    Cheers Damaris

  2. Ah, very very nice!!! It is a great end result of lots and lots of hard work!!! you go girl!

  3. It looks great! Congrats!

  4. Anonymous4:28 am

    It looks fantastic. I love your hutch!!!

  5. Thanks all! We are very pleased, Joes pleased he will be able to watch the World cup football in the TV room, I'm not sire I can allow that lol!


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