Saturday, August 07, 2010

The new office - progress

We're making steady progress on the office. Last weekend I painted the ceiling and 2 of the walls before I ran out of paint. Joe picked some more up on his way home from work and yesterday (Friday) I finished painting the walls...

Some time ago we bought some wood flooring in a sale and Joe has got it all laid today, it's wood laminate strips that slot together which is laid on silver underlay.
There were some fiddly arsed bits to cut, the cupboard being some of them and in the main doorway which is at an angle to the rest of the room...

Looking good.
Still to do: Skirting around the bottom of the walls and new light fitting up.
Still to paint: Wood door frames and window frame. Nearly done!


  1. Things are looking good,Sue! Renovations can be alot of work and a pain because things get displaced,but the end result is sooo nice!!

  2. Lovely job! I've got some laminate waiting to be put down in my workroom, but those 'fiddly bits' are keeping me from digging in and doing it. Thanks for the push I needed!

  3. That looks awesome! I bet you can't wait to settle in properly!

  4. Sue,
    It looks fabulous. You have chosen the same paint colors that I like. We have done laminate in a lot of the houses that we have renovated and we love it. Can be fiddly when putting it in, put it looks great and is so easy to clean.

  5. The floor looks good, much easier than sanding and polishing!

  6. Thanks all, we had it in our house in the UK too and this is very similar. we've been and bought the skirting this morning, Joe will get that on and then I can paint the wood in the week.

  7. Do you hire Joe out??? ;-)
    Nice job, as usual!

  8. He's not available ujntil he;s finished here! So maybe around 2020!


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