Monday, August 02, 2010

War on clutter! And so it begins..............

I found this line on the internet today, someone had found it in a book called Clutter Control by Jeff Campbell, this line had been quoted,

"In a sense, clutter is the end result of procrastination"

Well I shall procrastinate no longer, I am fed up living in a mess. I have things sitting around in boxes that I have no idea of what's in them, if I don't know then I haven't missed any of it, therefore I don't need it. I'm sure in amongst some of it are keepers that have simply been stored for the duration of the renovations and so a new pride of place will be found for them. As for the rest of it? It's going. Some will be sold on Trade Me (online auction site), some will end up in the charity shops and the rest of the junk will be taken to the tip.
The two new rooms we are using have the bare mimimum in and apart from maybe some artwork to be put up on the walls and some hand made cushions flung around, that's how it will stay, tidy and free of clutter. I find myself drawn to the lounge where I put my feet up on the lovely comfy sofa and either sit with my laptop or with some kind of creative thing, it's crocheting right now and my mind just empties. Not a lot in there to start with I know, but it's calming and I feel so relaxed. I have been known to nod off in the afternoon too!
My aim is for the whole house to feel calm, be clutter free and a place where we and visitors can just relax and unwind. I'm sure we don't need half of what we all seem to think we do when we buy it. Such a waste really.

The war on declutter began this afternoon, I started in here.....
I don't feel I got very far to be honest, but I made a bit of headway. I sorted through, measured, photographed and listed this little lot on Trade Me ..
There must be six sets of curtains in the box on the right, there are curtains and a duvet cover set with Arsenal FC logos all over them in the other one and a matching lampshade, there's also an England duvet cover set too. Then there is the mirror, it won't be used again here and in the shed is a window with a dove on it. We will now wait and see what happens with them, they'll get relisted once only and if they don't sell the charity shop gets it! I hope something does sells I'm hoping to pay off some of the carpets with the proceeds.

The room now looks like this......
You can see the difference eh?.... Please tell me you can.................sob! be continued...............


  1. Sue That looks great! I've spent the weekend moving C.R.A.P. around to make space for working (what ever project) Tried to unload some on a daughter & she suggested a yard sale next weekend so...I think I may! This will be a good link up!

  2. Looking good,Sue!!! :)

  3. Anonymous5:22 am

    Let the decrapification begin!! Doing a little bit at a time, makes a BIG difference. It looks great and soon it will all be gone!!
    Great job!!

  4. What I didn't mention is that for the last two weeks opening the door, looking in and then closing the door again! Everythin has to come out, we're having new carpet in there.

  5. I need some time to dedicate to doing exactly the same thing!!

  6. Go for it Denise! Strike whilst the iron is hot! :F


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