Sunday, August 01, 2010

Weekend jobs

There was more of the same here this weekend, if i'm bored with it, I hate to think how you lot feel reading about it! :D
There are some silly piddly jobs Joe is having to do before the hall is ready to paint, so that's what Joe set out to do this weekend he even continued with it up until about 1pm today, then packed up. He was pleased he had done what he set out to do, even though it took him longer than expected.

The first job was to put some skirting trim on the stairs, so than when the carpet is fitted the whole thing will look a lot tidier. There was nothing there before, the carpet was just fitted to the wall. Of course as is only to be expected it wasn't a simple job, were we surprised? Not on your nelly were we! Sigh. Each step and riser had to be individually measured and each piece of wood cut to measure, what a palaver! Anyway it's done now and worth all the effort.

The next job was to build a frame for the banister, he managed to re-use some of the A zimmer frame wood! He also reused some of the uprights from the original banister. We are going to put sheets of plasterboard over this and paint it.

I was painting, no surprises there! I got two coats of white ceiling paint on then had enough paint to get two walls and a bit done. I need to buy more of the wall colour before I can carry on and as this is the same colour to be used in the hallway we'll need another big bucket.

This afternoon Joe watched some rugby and I did a bit more crocheting! Then we shifted two of the cows to the neighbours, fed the rest of the menagerie and had roast beef for dinner that Joe cooked. And I haven't been out of my pyjamas all day!!

Hope you all had or are having a lovely weekend


  1. Wow you've been busy little bees. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel yet?

  2. Yes Lisa there is :D It's there I can just see it...faint...but there!


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