Thursday, September 30, 2010

In the garden - Spring 2010

It was such a nice day yesterday I took my camera with me as I wandered to the mailbox.... this lot saw me and assumed it was time for dinner! Bad luck.......... :-D

Cox's Pippin apple blossom

Peach tree getting leavesYellow flower ?
Bloody gorse! We have loads, free to collector!
Lemon tree
Grapefruit tree
Around the pond
Arum lily

Apple blossom


  1. Anonymous3:52 pm

    Your fruit trees are gorgeous. I am jealous - I have always wanted a lemon tree.

  2. looking lovely, Sue. Isn't it funny how lots of kiwi farmers think the lillies are weeds!

  3. Hi Mel I always did in the UK but it was too cold for a lemon tree, it still amazes me that I can go pick one right off the tree to put in me G&T! :D

    Laura, what do thay know lol!

  4. Your pictures make me long for and look forward to Spring!

  5. Here's hoping you have a short & mild winter

  6. Beautiful! I've never seen a grapefruit tree! Around here grapefruit are expensive. Occasionally you can find them 2 for $1 but by that time they're sort of square. Having that tree (and the lemon tree!) in my backyard would make me feel rich. ;)

  7. Looking at your photos, I can honestly say I have *never* seen a grapefruit tree...lemons, limes, oranges, yes...but grapefruit - never. As we head into fall here, it's quite an odd feeling to look at forget-me-nots that are blooming at your place right this moment! :-)

  8. I think you both need to move to NZ lol! Grapefruit trees abound! Time for some marmalade methinks!


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