Thursday, September 02, 2010

It's here!!

Some weeks ago, in fact the same weekend we ordered the new carpets, we were drawn Eloi like into Big Save Furniture where there were some very big For Sale signs, so all hope was lost really. Long story short we bought a new suite, for the TV room, two recliner chairs and a 3 seater sofa with two end seat recliners.

Joe has wanted a recliner chair for as long as I can remember and we reckon he's earned himself one. It was nice I got one too, in fact I'm in it as I type! The rest of ya can fight over the sofa!

Nice innit? Cheers!


  1. It looks great. I love recliners, they are so comfy!!

  2. It was so comfy Mel me and Joe were snoring our heads off after an hour in them! :D

  3. Blogger needs a 'like' button.. love the new lounge suit..
    Joe looks like he is happy :-)

  4. Perhaps I should change one of the reactions boxes to 'like' :D

    He's very happy, not sure how much TV he will actually get to see, he's done a lot of sleeping on his chair so far


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