Tuesday, September 07, 2010

We are ready for carpets!

Tomorrow, Wednesday is the day! The carpets in the hall, bedrooms and stairs will be laid officially marking the end of the renovations and decorating! Thank fark for that! We've had it, we're both knackered and I'm finding it hard to summon up any kind of energy for the final furlong. Mad I know but I think I want the fairies to come and just finish the last of it.

This is the staircase that leads to the loft, Joe took off the carpets as I was going to paint the wood at the sides, I got five stairs down with the primer, said a very rude word and got a sponge and washed it all off! It's staying as it is with all it's imperfections! I'm done with painting, even the laundry isn't getting it's freshen up now, it will get a good clean with sugar soap and maybe I will rethink the idea later..like in 2020!
I took some photos yesterday of the hallway with the carpets gone, the hall was all clear, unlike the photos which were blurred. So I've retaken them, unfortunately evidence of a 'Joe' is apparent. Never in the field of hallways has so much mess been made by so few! How do men do it? How can they get so many tools and crap into a place so quickly! I mean I'd moved everything out the day before! At least most of it is under the stairs and in darkness so you can't see.
Joe is fixing down the last of the loose floorboards here, they are the ones that were taken up when we were having to rewire, the electric box is up on the wall above. He just has one more piece to do this evening.

Michaels old bedroom, he's moved out recently, have I told you that? Don't think I have, I'll leave that for another day.
Spare bedroom, such lovely floorboards in both of these room, shame they are all covered in paint.
Unfortunatley I can't say the same about nice floorboards in the small bedroom! I have come to the conclusion that some people should never, ever attempt DIY! What goes through some peoples minds when they do things like they have done in this room? Why, why, why cut that large sheet of board in such a shape when the whole sheet would have covered most of that floor space! Then use that tongue and groove (blue stuff, top right) to patch the floor! What makes it worse is that a small section of that is actually rotting! Looking at it yesterday I really wanted to gouge someones eyeballs out with a spoon!
We had a few options to consider regarding this floor, take it all up and replace, patch it or just bloody well cover it up and pretend it wasn't there!
We opted for the latter!
The next time you see these spaces they will have carpet, maybe even furniture back in them, but I don't want to get beyond myself! Either way I'm hitting the gin!

Now for those of you who have been following this blog may remember that one of those bedrooms was full of clutter. And it was in fact the subject in these posts here and here. And I bet you're thinking "Oh what a girl, well done for decluttering!" And I would like to say, "Thank you very much"
But I can't............

**sob!** How much is a one way ticket to Fiji do ya think?


  1. Ya gonna call me a be-atch but I'm gonna head to my store room with a spring in me step this mornin' - Look on the bright side Sue, you can shut the door and pretend it's not there... I can't move out and leave my junk in there.... hmmm that thought does have some merit though.

  2. When we looked at that lot in the garage Joe did mutter something about skips and chucking the effing lot! :D

  3. Hey Sue - Loving the blog as usual!! Your place is looking so great. What a lot of hard work you all have been doing.

    Yeah a junk room Aggrrrhhh I wish I had one!!!! I declutter and then need the stuff I have got rid of LOL Always the way.

    Hey what about the earthquakes NZ has had!! Some of my relos are in Christchurch and have been hit pretty bad. My Aunty lost a lot of her treasures as they fell off the wall or the wall unit. Shame. Everyone ok though. I originally come from NZ!! 30+ yrs ago - Mum still has her Kiwi accent BIG TIME!! (or so everyone says - I can't hear it).

    Take care - always looking
    Luv Rach

  4. Junk room Rachael! lmao! That's the garage! But then we are english and we never keep cars in them hahah!
    Yes dreadful about the earthquake, residents were just in the news compling about the old building being torn down! But what can you do, half of them are dangerous :(
    Wellington and Hawkes bay have had a couple of quakes today as well. :( So your mum gets all her vwoel sounds wrong too then :D

  5. Anonymous5:51 am

    You are almost done!! Can't wait to see the carpet. As for the mess in that room - close the door and enjoy your gin!!

  6. Your house is going to be amazing! Clutter depresses me too. I have great plans to take a big bin bag (or several) into my kids bedrooms while they are out at school. They will never miss the stuff.
    I just did a lovely bit of business with a customer in Chicago. I emailed her photos of all the felt pictures that I had available and she chose what she wanted then I sent her a money request through Paypal. very easy : ) Just let me know when you are ready and I'll let you know what I have or you can choose from my gallery and I'll make accordingly. I can send the pieces mounted without frames to cut down on postage and breakage and you can choose frames to suit your lovely new decor.
    The square poppy one is still here : )

  7. Thanks ladies, Will try and have a look over the weeked Aileen, I think unframed would be the way to go. Safer too. We were only saying last night we need something on the walls.
    Mel, that's the blimming garage lol! One day we might actually get to park cars in it! ;-D


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