Friday, October 15, 2010

It's that time of year again....calving

...and time to start watching cattles private parts, in particular mushie tushies and pinging udders! If you've been around for a while some of you may well remember last years post of the same subject see here.

This is the lovely Isobel a 2nd generation (G2 or 1/2 bred) Dexter cow. She is due to have her fourth calf on or around the 18th of October. So far she has has 3 heifers, 2 dun and one black, Ebony. There are more photos of her than the other cows cos she's such a darling!

Looking rather rotund
Isobels rude bits!
And a tushie getting mushie...
..and an udder bagging up but not quite pinging!
This is Cara, Isobels first daughter, she is a 3rd generation Dexter so a G3 or 3/4's. We are hoping that she has a heifer, our first pure bred Dexter, G4. Last year she had a bull calf which we called Eddybull!
...her udder is still quite small, but I have her due date as the 17th of October, the day before Isobel. She was a bit shy today and kept her tail firmly over her naughty bits!
This Is Diamond, Isobels 2nd daughter, so another G3, we are hoping for a heifer here too, but I think we will be very lucky to get two pure bred heifers this year.
She's a first time calver and I have her due date as the 22nd of October, so we might not see too much in the way of mushie tushies and pinging udders until the last minute with her. Diamond isn't as friendly as Isobel and Cara, I have to reduce the numbers this year so she may one to be moved on.
Just the makings of an udder..

The girls following me hoping to be moved to greener pastures, but they're on tight rations. I'm saving them a nice lush paddock for when they have had their babies.
Will keep you updated with news as it comes.


  1. I love dairy cows.. they are lovely ladies. I would be a hopeless doughty old duck if they were mine... can't wait for the calf photos

  2. It sounds like a busy time for you. Can't wait to see pictures of the babies.

  3. Wendy they are a dual purpose breed, both beef and for milking, but you won't really find too many in large dairy herds. They are an ancient breed from Ireland and were keep by crofters as house cows.:D

    Hopefully I won't be too busy :D Decters are very good at plopping them out all on their own! Fingers crossed!! :D

  4. Pretty babies!!! oh I just love the photos. You are lucky to have such sweet company.

  5. we saw some Dexters at the weekend when we visited Heligan gardens in devon, they seemed lovely, small and docile.

  6. They are great and pocket sized! Very handy lol! Love the Heligan gardens :D


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