Monday, October 11, 2010

A morning in the veggie garden - Sunday 10.10.10

On the way up to the veggie garden today some of the goats were enjoying the sunshine..
Peas are growing well. It didn't take long for them to germinate and all but 3 or 4 seeds haven't so I'll pop some more in those spaces
Not the best photo, but the green and yellow beans are beginning the sprout..honest!
Bonnie keeping the soil warm and probably taking root!
Signs of early strawberries already..
Repurposing junk from around the farm, this old gate will act as a good support for the cucumbers. Already cucumber and a lebanese cucumber, the perpetual spinach will be relocated once another cuke is ready to plant
This lovely thing is protecting a Green patty courgette, the cage is to keep animals off and the covers to protect from the wind. We lost a lot of veg last year in it's early stages because of the wind, so we're taking steps to protect them better
The green patty courgette
Another windbreak around the capsicums and chilli plants, the chicken wire netting has been used on most of the beds so far, the cats think the beds are their toilet! And the chickens dig the young plants up in their search for bugs, neither of these actions do the young plants any good!
Silverbeet and brassicas.
Joe making tranches to plant new/early potatoes, variety swift.
Max making sure the cloche covers don't blow away, such a useful dog!
More to come, 'An afternoon at the beach' and 'An update on the seeds planted'. But now I have bread and rolls to make, or rather my breadmaker does and my house needs a tidy. Be back soon.


  1. Anonymous6:33 am

    I hope the wind doesn't get your garden this year. I like the covers you are using.

  2. We sat up there having a cuppa after we'd finished for the day and I looked at all the cages and started humming the theme tune to the Great Escape..... ;D


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