Monday, November 15, 2010

Clay sculpture workshop - Week 2

Yesterday, Sunday, we were back at the clay workshop. This week we were glazing, I was a bit slow getting off the mark as I hadn't thought about how I wanted to paint them, thinking I would be full of inspiration on the day. But once me poor brain kicked into gear (note to self, don't have nearly a whole bottle of feijoa wine the night before!) I thought I did ok, everyone else was flying through all their letters, and I only ended up with 3 to paint, because my 'F' had broken. So you will see further down there is no "F" in Life! ;-D

The "L" (just in case you didn't know!)
The "I" (really!)
And the "e" (yup!) Unfortunately you can't really see the detail too well
So now we have "L I e" No word of a lie! Honest!!
Now for me boobies
There is a pink glaze on there but it's all a bit pale, and black flowers, the firing makes all the colours more intense
Now we wait for about two weeks for them to come back. Then we all get together again for the big reveal. Can't wait. I'm getting the shakes I neeeeedd to play with clay!


  1. Anonymous4:02 pm

    How can there be no effin life?
    Nice boobs, ahem, you know what I mean.

  2. I know! It ain't right :D I's gotta make another "F" in Life!


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