Tuesday, November 09, 2010

In the Veggie Garden - New tomato beds

Another outside job revisited, back in April Joe started clearing an area for a greenhouse, click here and like so many outside jobs it came to a grinding halt. But this past weekend it was all go again.... don't you just hate weeds sometimes!

But ya gotta love that rotary hoe, it must be worth it's weight in gold!
Two sides have the wood edging so far for planting
would ya look at that...
Old carpet define the paths, there will be a green/glasshouse slap bang in the middle of that soon
And the 3 big tomato plants are in (in front of the water tank), loads more to go yet though, but I want them to grow a little bit bigger. To be continued........


  1. Very impressed. Will be awesome when you have the glasshouse in too.

  2. smilie11:51 am

    My god, honest its just awesome. The amount of work you guys have put in is just admirable. We do need a video with music done now :)

  3. I'll do a video around Xmas time luv ♥

  4. Anonymous9:59 am

    You guys are amazing!! Good work!!


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