Thursday, December 02, 2010

Me boobies are back!

The clay ones that is!! You'll see them in a minute. Okay below is what I am working on, some wall art saying 'Living the Good life' but I'm missing a 'D', oh and 'the', but I'll put that next to 'Living'. I was going to do the 'Living' plaque vertically, but now decided on putting it horizontally, it all goes better this way I reckon and it solves the 'the' problem, as I didn't know what I was going to do for that. I'm going to mosaic the wood block and paint the letters. so now we have 'Living the Goo Life' which is altogther better than having no 'F' in 'Life'.....

Mini quilted 'G'
Collage of beach themed serviettes, cut into squares and glued on, then Modge Podged over the top, I may add a few random shells on it yet.
Freeform crocheted 'O' with embellishments
The missing 'D' coming soon!

Clay 'L' I love the colours on this, some minor glazing faults (mine) so I may have to do something to cover those.
Clay 'I' I really like all the colours on this, you have no idea when you apply the glaze just how they will come out.
My 'F' in 'Life' My mate Sue (Hi Sue :D ) gave me inspiration for this, it's randomly twisted wire and added beads. Such fun to make and I'm thinking I might like to do the 'D' like this too.
Finally the clay 'e'. I just love this, that strawberry looks good enough to eat!
***Drum roll*****
And here are my boobies! Aren't they lovely? And!
Still unfinished, I need to get some ribbon for lacing up the front and some black lace for the top.
I've so enjoyed doing this, more clay offerings may be afoot!


  1. LoL you really know how to grab someones attention!

    Sue, it all looks wonderful, clever you :)

  2. Nice very nice!You gonna have to make a "D" soon.

  3. Sue,
    Your boobies are lovely.

  4. Anonymous10:32 pm

    What a talented girl you are....
    Keep on going.

  5. Looks great!! :)I love the colors.
    Things are going well here,they seem to be going well for you too.


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