Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Singin' in the rain...just singin' in the rain...

and singing in it NAKED!
If you are of a delicate disposition then Don't look any further! :D

Joe was so happy to see the rain yesterday he decided to run naked in it!
The men were very nice when they took him away in their white van!

What more can I say!


  1. Ha that's funny...hope he didn't scare the rain away.

    Still wanting some more rain here, very dry an hot at the moment.

    Have a great day,


  2. LOL a tad cheeky ;]

    Tell him he looks to be in pretty good shape from what I can see lol~!


  3. that butt needs to see more daylight!!!nothing quite like the freedom of going naked, we should all do it more often (we have high fences ;) )

  4. I just had to look :0)
    I am glad the men in the white coats were gemtle with him.

  5. I think he may have scared the rain away! :(

  6. Haha thats so funny :0)

    At least he has the body to carry off that type of frivolity!

  7. Marjon1:47 pm

    Bet you were never so glad for rain back in the UK ;o)

  8. You're right there Marjon hahah!

  9. Nice butt!

    So did you join him???

    We are soo hot & muggy down here feels like the tropics -

    Love Leanne

  10. Anonymous5:20 pm

    You are both absolutely certifiable!!

  11. Nooooo I didn't join him lol! Someone had to take the photo! :D
    Mel! Absolutely! hahah!

  12. I had to have a laugh when I seen this, two reasons - first, your man must be a damn good bloke to let you post this here ( thats if he knows haha) and secondly damn lucky your not living here at the moment, you would be hard pressed to get him to keep his kit on such is the rain.. when I lived in NZ, I sure dont recall it to be that dry, that we needed to dance in the rain.. that or I have lived in the dry arid areas of Aussie that long I have forgotten.

  13. It's been pretty dry here for the 3 years, rains like hell during the winter, then just stops! :(
    Joe did ssay last night "Ok ya can take it off FB now!" I said not in million years lol :D

  14. Ohmygosh, I *love* you, Sue! This has made me chuckle all day - I even came back just now to show my husband, because I've been giggling over it.
    Oh, and please tell your husband he has an adorable hiney and I love that he's a man who dances in the rain. You are also a great photographer. lol

  15. Nope nothing more you can say :D Crazy Kiwi, from a neighbour across the ditch.
    LiBBiE in Oz

  16. I'm so glad it's made you all smile and laugh :D Lifes too short to be sad, ya gotta laugh and ya gotta grab life by the balls sometimes :D


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