Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kia kaha Christchurch

Yet again people in Christchurch are reeling after a 6.3 quake that has caused wide spread damage and the loss of lives. On September the 4th they suffered a 7.1 that also caused damage but as it happened in the early hours of the morning there was no loss of life. This time they are not so lucky.
Christchurch is a mess, a war zone, it will never be the same. It's going to be a long hard job rescuing people trapped in buildings, 32 are confirmed dead. My thoughts are with those lost, those trapped and those that will have to find a way to carry on.
I just want to say that the NZ TV reporting has had full coverage since it happened and whilst the information is getting out to people, their relentless footage of peoples suffering, their sensationalism of that suffering and quite frankly the moronic questions being asked over and over again is sickening.
Just report the news, the civil defence announcements and shut the f*ck up!

News here

Kia kaha Cantabrians (forever strong)

PS We are in Hamilton which is in the North Island, Christchurch is in the South Island. So we are nowhere near the quake zone


  1. I have been keeping up with this on the news. What a mess. My heart goes out to those that have been affected.

  2. So glad that you are safe. I agree with you about the media. The sensationalize everything. Just report the news and nothing else.

  3. I hear you Sue. We are glued to the news with concern but are sickened by the desire for media to turn it into a soap drama. It was the same with the floods and cyclone devatation here in QLD. We wanted news about our loved ones so far away and all they could do was sensationalise river swell footage and interview shocked victims till they finally squeezed anguished tears of trauma...sickening. All my friends are saying the same. Just the news please!

  4. My Aunty's house is trashed. They just had to leave as they had no power or water and glass and food from the kitchen all over the floor and glass all over the house from smashed windows and furniture everywhere.

    All are ok though and that is the main thing. Terrible to watch.

    Glad you are ok


  5. Sorry to hear about your auntys place :(


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