Saturday, February 26, 2011

Op shopping this week

And we were at it again!


Gorgeous red top for Michaels girlfriend $8
Billabong T-shirt for Michael $6
Stool $5
Shorts for Joe $5 each
*Blanket $6
Covered plate $3

Knitting patterns 50c - $1


Preserving pan, bartered down from $40 to $20 so long as I bring in a jar of jam!
**Covered butter dish $19
Salt thingie $3
Embroidered cloth $4.99

Top $4.99
I bought a 2nd top for $3 but it's going back to one of the shops, I've changed my mide about it.

* Blankets: If you are wondering why I'm collecting all these blankets, it's for a future project that involves making a patchwork quilt from them

** Covered butter dish: this would seem to be an expensive buy. But I've been searching high and low for one for ages. You just can't get them, either second hand or new in this style. So I ummed and ahhhed for a while then said bugger it, I'll take it.

Until next time..........


  1. i know where you can get another covered butter dish hehehe i was helping a lady with her mothers estate, i used to be the mothers care giver, she had lots of lovely china and i was offered what ever i wanted for free everything else is going off to the auction house soon.

  2. Great finds Sue. Me thinks you're addicted to op shopping......:0)

  3. Anonymous5:35 pm

    You found some great stuff.

  4. Some good buys there, Sue. The salt thingie is usually called a salt pig.

    If you have problems with op shopping then don't go volunteering to work in one. Then you get to see the stuff as it comes in!

  5. I am terribly addicted and my partner in crime does volunteer on a Salvation Army Op shop, so there is no hope :D


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