Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Today was Suesday and a spot of Opp shopping was to be had!

It was a glorious day to be Opp shopping today, just a small haul but I'm pretty pleased with my finds. We also found some new shops to explore, so all in all a good day

Top $5

Basket $5 (you can never have enough baskets!)
Cross stitch roosters $5
Quilt book $2
Teapot and teacup $6
Flax mat and coasters $2


  1. Very nice op shop haul, Sue!!!! I will admit this in a comment here, rather than on my blog. I did a little opping myself. My lovely black leather purse died after 16 years of faithful service. I dropped by one of my favourite op shops and lo and behold a brand spanking new red leather purse was sitting in a basket waiting for me.

    A love a good op!

  2. Oh I love Opp shopping! I've always hated shopping of any kind, but I love this! :D RE the new purse, it was meant to be :D

  3. You always find such good deals!!

  4. I have been taught by the master :D

  5. Excellent haul!!

    You disappeared from my blog roll. I don't know where you went?? I was doing a lot of rearranging so obviously I ballsed something up :( Anyway, you're back now. Phew :)

    Going to catch up on the posts I have missed :)

  6. Hi Caitlyn, I was pretty quiet for a week or so, perhaps I was lurking further down the list maybe :D


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