Monday, April 11, 2011

What a week! Playing catch up!

Huntly Power Station

Howdy folks, bet you all thought I'd dropped off the planet, I haven't, I'm still here but have had a busy week and no real time quality computer time. Joe had the last week off as he is changing jobs within the power station at Huntly. Up until today he has been on the maintenance team, an often gruelling and tiring job. But as of today after all his working life on the 'tools' he has now shifted to operations. The next 5 or 6 years or so will involve training to learn the whole plant so that in time he will be part of a team that 'operates' Huntly power station. Or summat like that, I dunno about you but when the hubby starts talking about his job my eyes tend to glaze over!! He will be doing 12 hour shifts, 2 nights, rest day, 2 days and then 4 days off, which will give him a lot more time at home. This hopefully will suit our lifestyle so much better, it's hard work keeping on top of everything sometimes so having more time at home will mean more will get done. I've already made a 'list' which Joe is rapt about and can't wait to get started on, so excited in fact that I've started volume 2!

I have quite a bit to fill you in on so I best get on with it, I'll start here first and then do separate posts for other stuff.

Party time!
A week last Saturday we were at a friends 50th birthday party, there was a 70s theme to it, it was a great night and nice to see so many people dressed up, here are a few photos from the evening...........


Kartene & Michael

The Band


Me & City Sue
Don't go away more to come!

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