Sunday, May 29, 2011

Blogger issues

Just when I get my Mojo back Blogger loses theirs! Blimey O'Reilly! I couldn't log in on my main page, still couldn't today, but then I clicked on the Blogger logo on the right hand side and was able to log in there. I couldn't do that yesterday :(
So now I know I can get back in I'll be back later, we're back at the Christian Camp making more blankets.
I've also been able to moderate and publish the latest few comments, so thank you for them.
See ya'all later! ♥


  1. seems lots of people are having the same problems sue

  2. Same problem with blogger here, hubby managed to get it going again yesterday thank goodness. I think he deleted some cookies.

    I couldn't sign in for three days grr!


  3. Ahhh yes, clearing cookies.......I got some chocolate chip ones! I'll go clear them now! ;-D

  4. Yes, ole blogger is having a right touch of the drama-queens. LOL Cookies. I have no cookies, but I do have handmade italian nougat, that will make an excellent substitute. Hmm :)


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