Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Getting organised in the kitchen and a Sunday feast

I don't like my kitchen, it needs to be replaced, but that is a long way off from getting done. It looks okay but there is just so much wasted space. The two biggest cupboards that contain the bulk of everything are corner cupboards. What a total waste of time they are! Hate them! But I can't do anything about them now so I have to make do. Some cupboards didn't even have shelves! So things just got thrown in and it was a nightmare getting anything out again. So after much nagging at the lovely Joe I now at least have some cupboards that work!

Either side of the cooker (don't look too closely, it's a wreck! But it works, more making do!) these are two of the cupboards that had no shelves at all.

They do now!

The coffee/tea/cup/mug cupboard, I was using a shoe rack as a shelf!

Not any more! Such small changes have made such a difference.
A Sunday Feast

On Sunday Michael and Kartene come for dinner, now he's left home it's nice to see him at least once a week, even if they do fall asleep on my sofa when they get here! The weather has cooled somewhat and I was in the need for some winter warming comfort food. I had bought two cooked chickens (on special) the day before and I had some vegetables leftover in the fridge. So I thought, 'Mmmm, thick chicken soup' and stuff!

Chicken Soup
Some of the ingredients

Finely chopped onion, garlic, leek and bacon

Add chopped chicken (save the bones etc, put in a container in the freezer for making stock)

Add Chicken stock

Using frozen homegrown veg from the freezer

Add some soup mix

Then the diced veggies

And simmer for ages!

Before serving I took out a large jugful of the soup and used a stick blender to blend it and then put it back in the pan....thick, creamy chicken soup!

Served with homemade bread. This was easy to make, just add yeast and water
Eat it whilst it's still warm

As just because I could, I added bacon, onion & cheese to some Edmonds scone mix. It doesn't get any easier than that! (Thanks City Sue for the inspiration)

To die for!

And dessert was cheesecake! Based on a recipe from my friends mum who made me swear to keep the ingredients secret, so not sharing so nah! :D

Luvverly jubberly!


  1. What a relief Sue to get some shelves, little stuff like that bugs the bejesssus out of me. Now that scone mix is a blast from the past.. it is one thing I do miss about living here in Oz.. Edmonds and Griffins stuff, every time one of the kids heads back over the ditch, they bring me a stash. Just need them to come and go more often I run out to quick lol

  2. Anonymous9:16 am

    The soup looks delicious and that cheesecake looks yummy too.


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