Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lost my blog Mojo and another sad day :(

About an hour after my last post, the Friday funny, I was once again at the vets, this time with one of our cats, Squidge. He had been out of sorts for a day or so and minutes after I pressed 'post' he started throwing up. He was not a happy cat. I managed to get an appointment at the vets within half an hour. It wasn't good news, he had a blocked bladder that had two options, very expensive surgery that might not be successful or euthanasia. I spoke to Joe and as Squidge seemed to be dying in front of my eyes we made the decision of euthanasia. It was quick and he died in my arms. I have to admit to not being able to cry, I think I had run out of tears after losing Bonnie earlier in the week.
Squidge was a rescued feral kitten when he came to us 6 years ago and even though he did eventually calm down, he was quite a timid cat. He was more Joe's cat really, I was a source of food to him to be honest, ha ha. He was however a very cute cat and it was nice when he decided to curl up next to you.
He has been buried near Bonnie in the garden and we now have two trees planted. I said to Joe if the animals keep dying off at this rate we'll have finished the new garden on no time.

RIP Squidge

Thank you to Caitlyn Nicholas leaving a message checking up on me to see if I was ok, ♥
I lost my Mojo a bit this last week and seeing that message has made me get back on track. So I will be back soon with all the catch up posts! Ooohh Nooooooo! I hear you groan.

See you soon ♥


  1. Poor Sue. Losing fur babies sux! (((hugs)))

  2. that is horrible...two in one week. I like the idea of trees on top of their graves. I planted a fig tree on top of Brewster the Rooster when I buried him this week too. *hugs*

  3. Marjon6:28 pm

    Hi Sue,

    I'm so sorry to hear you've lost another one of your babies :o( It's hard isn't it, to take the risk to love when you may have to make that hardest decision one day. It takes a lot of courage, and even more so to make the decision to love another one again. I reckon it's worth it though, because they give so much in the time we're privileged to have them. (Just as well I guess with having two dogs, five cats and a couple of horses as well, not to mention the housecow!)

    I visit your blog because you have such a positive outlook on life, and your Friday Funnies have made me laugh out loud a few times, especially the last one. Don't worry, your mojo will come back again, just give yourself a bit of time :o)

    (((take care)))

  4. Oh Sue, you're having a rough time at the moment. So sorry to hear about Squidge.
    Sending big ((((hugs)))

  5. (((HUGS))). I am sorry for you lost. It's had losing a fur baby.

  6. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear you've had another loss. (((Hugs)))

  7. ShelaghC in Houston1:45 am

    It's been a rough time for you lately, Sue, and I feel for you.

    Squidge looks just like my Winston, who was also a feral kitten but is now the sweetest, most lovable Mummy's boy ever.

    Big hugs and hope that's the last tree you have to plant for a while.


  8. My heart goes out to you. There are no words to make the pain go away for they are our fur kids. It must be reassuring to you to know that they are having their final rest close by you.
    I dread the month of April for my pet loss seems to come during that month. This year we just had major surgery for Pearl but the biopsy came back non cancerous.
    Rest assured that you gave them the best life while they were here on this earth. Keep thinking of the good times they brought you not the day of their death

  9. Thank you everyone for your kind words. You think when you lose a pet that you'll never had another again as the pain is too hard to bear when you lose one. Then you think about all the fun you had with them, that's the hardest part, knowing that has come to an end too. ♥♥♥

  10. I'm so sorry to hear about your losses..Hugs from Texas...

  11. Oh Sue, I am so sorry to read about the passing of Squidge. It really is difficult to say goodbye to animals especially when it is completely out of the blue.

    ...and their passing always leave a little black hole in our hearts.

    Healing takes time, and I am almost certain that blogging is part of that healing process. So I guess you may just have to start blogging again.

  12. Anonymous1:19 pm

    Sue and Joe,
    I am so sorry that your sweet boy passed away. Remember all the good times you had with him and hopefully, it will ease the pain.
    Big hugs to you both.

  13. For Cryin Out Loud, how crap is that?? No wonder the mojo went on a wander :( Oh hugs Sue, wish we lived closer so I could come round with tea and some half burnt cake and say all the wrong things. What an awful awful experience to go through. My old cat is 16 now, and I think I may soon be in your shoes, and I have never ever got over losing our little Cavi to a tick.

    Big hugs

  14. Daffodil, yes they leave a huge hole, I still look for Bonnie to come running :( ♥

    Mel, thank you for the hugs ♥

    Caitlyn, let me know of you do turn up, I think I will need a large stockpile of Tena lady!! :D ♥


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