Friday, September 23, 2011

A super Suesday - (post 1 of 2 posts today)

You saw the results of the op shopping trip yesterday, and now courtesy of City Sue(CS), you can see what else we got up to......

Lambies on CS's nieces Lifestyleblock

Dog whisperer, big dog = big wus!

The Victorian Glasshouse and Hamilton gardens

Succulent house, the plants that is!

Tropical house. Boo!

Tulip display

Oh tip toe through the la la...

Great shot CS
Russian bell tower

Built by a Russian with 3 testicles, his name, Whojanickabolockov!
(Just kidding)

Molly, she lives at the gardens

She has one blue eye and one yellow eye

Op shopping buddy extraordinaire and todays photographer, Sue

The joys of spring, the hills are alive with the sound of knees creaking!

We stopped for some lunch in the Memorial gardens in River road which is funnily enough on the river, the Waikato river


..and lunch, I was hungry! Okay!!! awesome day.

Friday funny and today's dumb Feng Shui coming up.

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  1. You are nuts, but it did look like you had a lot of fun.


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