Wednesday, October 26, 2011

HelpX update.... a link to view the progress

Hello all, man it's been manic here, there is so much being achieved it's fantastic! We still have our French boys, Tim has been and gone and now we have Julia all the way from Connecticut in the US. I'm afraid it's just a link for you today. Once I get some time to myself again I'll soon get back to normal. Our HelpXers are here until Tuesday morning when they leave to carry on to other HelpX hosts and hopefully easier jobs than we've been giving them!

Anyway, enjoy!

Just click here to view the latest photos of the work achieved over the last week or s0, it's a link to my album on Facebook. I'm too tired and too lazy to post all those photos and comments again.

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  1. Incredible! Your house is absolutely stunning, I love it. x


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