Friday, October 07, 2011

HelpXers on the farm

Last year we had two lovely lads here on the Help Exchange Scheme they worked very hard and it's such a great way for young people to see the world and get to sample a little of peoples way of life in the countries they choose to visit. This year, so far, helping us is Pierre, Clement and Sebastien, 3 French lads travelling and working in New Zealand for the next year. Unfortunately their visit didn't start too well as their van and most of their belongings were stolen and so they had to look at alternative ways of getting around the country, hence them being here with the HelpX scheme. And I'm glad they are here because in just one day they have achieved so much.

Meet the boys, Pierre, Clement & Sebastien

Note the boots!

Let the work begin..

First job, clearing the drive border


They have also made a start on clearing a paddock of firewood, I'll show you that when it's finished. They say many hands make light work!


  1. Got to love French workers.. making your place look good - in more ways that one :-)

  2. Ooh lala Wendy :D

    It sure is Kimmie! :D

  3. Anonymous3:51 pm

    It looks great!! What a hard working bunch of guys.

  4. I've got another one coming next week! :D


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