Monday, October 03, 2011

Op shop finds today

Some of you may know that on Monday afternoon I volunteer at a Salvation Army Charity shop. I mentioned in a previous post that many things get biffed out because they have the slightest mark or flaw, so if I think something will come right by a wash or small repair I save it from the bin, they don't have the time or the facilities to do so. I filled a small bag with clothes for Michael's girlfriend today and they have already been passed onto her via Michael as he called in at City Sue's while I was waiting to be picked up by Joe, so I can't show you any of that.

I thought however you might like to see some of the finds from today.....

Got these for a small donation

This had the smallest mark and you may be aware of my obsession for embroidered linen, this was too bloody nice to let go, so I snaffled it..


  1. That is a beautiful table cloth!

  2. The tablecloth is beautiful. Stuff over here gets puts out for sale regardless of marks or flaws - I've seen curtains for sale that have mildew on them , and they weren't cheap either!

  3. That tablecloth is a beauty. What a fabulous find. x

  4. Great finds beautiful cloth.

    X x

  5. The tablecloth is lovely.

  6. Some lovely goodies there and the tablecloth is just beautiful.

    I know its not economical for them to wash and mend items but it seems such a waste. I picked up a lovely top with a slight tear, they had missed it whilst being sorted. They said it would never have been sold if they knew it was damaged. More land fill I guess.
    Maybe they need some volunteers to mend and fix things.

  7. Hi Lisa yeah it does seem a waste, there is also some revolting stuff donated that is to bad even for rags! Bluerk! What isn't sold, either goes for rags, some of the linen etc goes to a lay who picks it up for the cat protection league. There are ladies that do some jobs, such as remove the buttons etc. Failing all that it goes in the big skip out the back. Some of the slightly soiled stuff did used to go to a lady that sold it at a market, but she's not had any for while. As for the table cloth I think someone most likely would have taken it and watched it, but it didn't stand a chance onec I saw it :D


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