Wednesday, November 02, 2011

I know it's Wednesday, but last Saturday...

Well actually the event was on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the weekend of Waikato's World Agricultural and Pastoral Show, it was also the Royal show, no idea why they call it that! :D We went for a look on the Saturday.
There didn't seem as much there again this year, sadly with each passing year it gets smaller. But still things to see, such as...

Big hamster balls, to shove yer kids into and keep them contained for hours!

Failing that you could attempt to launch them into space!

There was a very tall man with no feet!

And a very small man with no hands!

I told Joe he was to buy this for me, can't imagine why he made a rude noise and walked off..

There were Boer goats, not such a good turn out as in earlier years, many don't show anymore, us included......

What do you call a sheep with no legs?
A cloud!

Absolutely no comment!!!

Some yes! Alpacas!


Gotta use this for a caption contest I reckon!!
There were little horses......

..and big horses.....

and horses with cart thingies

and some in the shoe shop!


  1. Loved your post :-). Why is the unloading sign right by the alpaca's rear end? Is that the little alpaca's room?

    The sheep with the little racers are just soooo funny!

    I love the photos of the alpacas and goats! Beautiful animals!

  2. lol! :D I know, it's so funny, that's why I reckon it would make a great caption contest photo :D

  3. Loved the trip round the show with you! i love the agricultural shows here too xx thanks again

  4. That looks so much fun. I'd be cooing over those tiny ponies, sheep, goats and Alpacas like a woman possessed. It's sad that those fairs aren't as popular these days. x


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