Tuesday, November 08, 2011

See ya when I get me new glasses!

A new me!

This morning I looked pretty hawt, but me hair was a mess!

But now I've had me hair cut, well I'm just more hawt!

Of course it now helps that I can now see!
I thinks I looks very clever!


  1. Love the new do and the new specs....you won't know yourself now you can see to do all things you used to hold at arms lenghth:0)

  2. Great new look! And I think you look very smart indeed!

  3. Phwoar! You do look fabulous. I'm jealous of your tan, too! x

  4. Thank you ladies! :D Vix it's probably rust, it's been raining a lot! :D

  5. Anonymous4:48 pm

    You look like a freakin' genius!! Seriously, the glasses look great!!

  6. You do look very clever Sue, I love your new look :)


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