Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Suesday and well frock me!

Had an awesome day out with me op shopping buddy City Sue.

One was wearing for the occasion.......

Blouse Op Shopped, under $5
Jeans given to me
Sandals op shopped $5
Gorgeous bag op shopped $5
Jewellry, op shopped

Op shop spoils today as follows!

Well bugger me I'm wearing a dress, $9.99

...sandals $5.99

Wonders will never cease, another one!
Dress $18.99, brand new still had the label
Shawl loaned by City Sue to hide my fat arms!

Sandals, $9.99, look brand new and are kumfs, they even have a little heel! Ooer missus!

Blouse $6.99
Not a bad days efforts! Total spend today $51.00!


  1. Check you out, you hot mama! I love you in those maxi dresses especially.
    Fat arms my arse, you look GORGEOUS!!! xxx

  2. I never thought I would wear dresses but I have to say that I rather like them :D Thanks ladies :D

  3. Anonymous4:44 pm

    You look fabulous in the dresses!! You always find such great stuff.

  4. Yeah,baby,working those colours!!
    And jamming those bodacious ta tas into some frocks!!Hurrah!Great shopping,bargains ROCK!
    Love a good singalong,I do.G tries to get the globes in his hands,but is generally fought off.Globe mania.If he got a load of yours,you'd be bashing him off with a big stick.Ooooer,MISSUS!Whose stick?!

  5. LMAO @ Helga! I may way have wee'd a bit then! I don't need a stick, he'll suffocate in that lot!! hahah!

  6. lovely choices!



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